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Pet Bouncer Chair
Pet Bouncer Chair
Pet Bouncer Chair
Pet Bouncer Chair

Pet Bouncer Chair

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Let Your DOG Enjoy The FELL!

I bought this rocking chair accidentally,My McDull and Feifei really like it.
Some parents reported that their dog didn’t go up to this rocking chair
Dogs need to be guided
My dog ​​was carried on the rocking chair for the first time,Then I watched him by the side to give him a sense of security and gently shake,Wait for her to fall asleep slowly.

Slowly adapt, after repeated two or three times,They will slowly climb up to sleep by themselves Or use food to guide" is also a good choice,This rocking chair is very easy to take care of,The net cover can be removed for cleaning And it’s breathable

Dogs will be very comfortable in summer
Convenient storage

Three gears can adjust the height

High-Quality Product & Dimensions