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A.FATI™ Cat Balcony Hammock
A.FATI™ Cat Balcony Hammock

A.FATI™ Cat Balcony Hammock

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Do you know the benefits of cats in the sun?

1. Reduce skin diseases. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill parasites and mites on cats.
2. Supplement vitamin D.
3. Enhance physical fitness. Sun exposure can well promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the stomach.
4. Bone growth. Sun exposure can promote the normal calcification of their bones and ensure the healthy growth of cats.

Size: 67x40cm
Weight: single layer 1kg
Material: coralline, waterproof cloth, pipe fittings
Maximum load-bearing: load-bearing 15kg
Caution: when suction is insufficient, it can be softened by 60-degree hot water to increase suction and remove dirt at the same time.



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