Pain in jumping!

What's the solution for senior, arthritic dog/cat going up and down?

Professional A.FATI Solution

Stair for Sofa

Step for Balcony Cabinets

Ramp for Bed

Love this pet ramp/stairs.

I like the size, design and functionality of this. The cover removes for cleaning. It's a snug fit, which is good. For that reason I world recommend washing in warm or cool water and air drying. The cover is light enough material that it will air dry pretty quickly.

I love it and most importantly, my dogs USE it. They refused anything to do with 3 other steps I got for them. The material is grippy for their feet. They can just walk right up it. I would recommend this if it fits your needs. I have small chihuahuas.

Annie M

This is a great step/ramp. Our Yokie goes right up iand down it. Great for access to the couch. The rounded steps are mostly like a slope then steps.

Absolutely perfect for my senior little Peanut! She had regular wooden stairs but as she got older she got scared to go down them. These are perfect.


Omg what awesome steps!
I have a 1 year old miniature dachshund and she absolutely loves these steps.
I had purchased a 3 step plastic one for her but after months of use the latches didn’t hold as well and steps became shaky then I purchased a 4 step foam one that was too big and two steep she hated it. This one is more ramp like and she has no problem running up and down it without any effort much easier to go up then the step ones. The comfort is amazing so soft yet solid but not rigid like plastic steps which I think is better for a dogs joints.

The the bonus is the washable cover something not possible with the material on plastic steps.